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By Navya V Geethika

The secret of getting ahead is getting started

Lockdown has been around for a while confining us to our homes. So, people have been
looking at alternatives to fill their indoor times. We are indulging into ‘ME’ time like revisiting our hobbies, trying new things and pursuing some technical courses. Since people are looking forward to doing things they always wanted to, online platforms geared up their offerings according to the public’s nerve.
There is a guided guitar course offered by ‘Fender play’ for all the music enthusiasts, an entire photography course posted by ‘Nikon online school’. These classes are turning out to be quite rejuvenating in times of a home confined routine. And how can we forget working out during the times when it is so important to stay fit. Many fitness centers have switched to an online platform, trainers are taking live video sessions and interacting with people via the internet itself.
What about kids? How long can we restrict them to stay indoors? As a solution came a few artists like Carson Ellis who used social media to engage them by giving an assignment every day like ‘draw what you see from your window’. These kinds of interactive activities indeed make children develop new interests.
Not only this, people also want to improve skills that could add value to their careers. So, they are also interested in courses like AI, graphic designing, animation, cybersecurity, digital marketing and communication, business analytics, etc. There are various online platforms like Coursera, Udemy, Shaw academy, Utility learn, Jigsaw academy and Upgrad which are providing such courses.

At last, though life would be difficult every now and then, what matters the most is how effectively we face it and keep learning new things, making ourselves better every day.

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