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Forgive Yourself – By Eshna Dhar

“Productively Unproductive”

There have been countless days in our lives when we experienced a feeling of dread,
uneasiness, or just a need to be wrapped up in our blankets, away from the reality of the world. This relentless need for being productive ends up making us feel much worse about just taking a break.
Why do we have two opposite sets of thoughts in our minds simultaneously?
It is because, we as humans have been conditioned to have control over our situation but we forget to realize that sometimes, we need a break. Our conscious self does not realize this but our subconscious self does. This is why, once in a while, we feel the need to let go but instead end up stressing about a mental to-do list, which we need to tick off imaginarily. The good news is that it is okay to feel this way. And the better news is that instead of feeling guilty about it, it is okay to embrace this. If a machine needs a cooling down period, then we are only human.
What to do at this time? Walk away from your calendar. Give yourself a time out and let your mind wander. Have your favourite ice-cream. Take a nap that turns into a proper sleep. Or just go for a jog!
You will be amazed at how mindful your thoughts become when you give yourself a break. When you stop accounting for your time and just let yourself be, you would leave space for feelings to come up and will have better self-awareness.
So, next time just forgive yourself for wanting to do nothing at all. It is okay to just lay in bed all day. Have one of the bad days bog you down once in a while. Being unproductive just because you are feeling emotional about things that matter to you. Being self-centred. Not responding to texts or calls.
It is okay to just have some time for yourself, away from reality. After all, we all deserve to have a reset button in our life once in a while.

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