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Fearless Friday

Anwesa Alekha

Super Girl | Aditya Birla Capital | NMIMS’19

Since the age of 6, Anwesa has been treated differently. Once, she needed to use the washroom but didn’t know how to ask her teacher the same, so she ended up wetting her pants. When her teacher noticed this, she slapped her. The irony? Other students doing the same weren’t raised a hand upon!
The bullying worsened as she grew older. Before she knew it, she was nicknamed ‘kaali’ & ‘crow’. School for her was all about walking around alone, passing groups of people ‘whispering’ these names, but being loud enough so she heard them. A group of guys would wipe anything she touched. She would break down a lot, which made them tease her more. She joined volleyball to divert her attention but her teammates treated her like garbage hurling comments such as “She is dirtier than the gutter!”
Even her close friend once remarked that “She is too Kaali for him to date her”. All these
comments shattered her confidence completely. She cried all the time and barely slept. It reached its zenith, when a friend sent a dark girl meme on a group and tagged her boyfriend telling him, ‘Listen bro, you’re going to enter this dark shit, you won’t be able to see anything’. She had never felt so insecure before. She accused her boyfriend for not standing up for her but then it dawned upon her that how could she expect someone else to fight for her when she hadn’t fought for herself! That was it! She confronted the meme guy and many others who made any remark on her skin colour to never comment on her or anyone else’s skin! Finally, Anwesa feels happy in her own skin and sleeps peacefully knowing that she hasn’t let anyone get away with their nonsensical retorts!

What she says:

There’s a different kind of ‘boost’ you get from standing up for yourself–because after all,
you’re the hero of your own story and no one else is coming to save you!

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