Fearless Friday

Suhani Mishra SUPER GIRL | Blogger | Poet | Survivor Suhani Mishra grew up believing, Pain is essential to your story; it adds gravity to your art. She romanticized the idea of suffering and how it would turn her poems into magic. Movies were to be blamed for it, after all, “Toote huye dil seContinue reading “Fearless Friday”

Fearless Friday

Shruti Senapati SUPER GIRL | Dancer | Content Creator | Trailblazer Shruti Senapati, is a small town girl who made it to the big screen; to the likes of Karan Johar and other Bollywood niche crowd. The quarter finalist of India’s Got Talent started her journey in 4th grade when she used to write onContinue reading “Fearless Friday”

Fearless Friday

Shipra Goel SUPER GIRL | Yoga and Ayurveda Practitioner | Teacher | Healer Throughout her life, the only two things she had ever heard were, you’re really fat, lose some weight, and you have beautiful hair, never cut them, ever. After a long battle with her insecurities about her weight, Shipra decided to take upContinue reading “Fearless Friday”

Anjali Gaur

                                                  Student| Fighter| Survivor  Anjali Gaur, like most women, is a survivor of patriarchy. From a tender age, she was getting acquainted with the ways of male supremacy. She was body shamed from a young age, wherein she was compared to her cousins at home and made a chaser at school because she couldn’t runContinue reading “Anjali Gaur”

Manika Karnawat

Entrepreneur| Marketer| Social Media Advisor Manika was a topper throughout her schooling, and had planned her life as such. After completing her BBA, she was all set to get into one of the best schools for MBA. After preparing for her CAT entrance for 2 years, she was shocked to know that she didn’t getContinue reading “Manika Karnawat”

Shilpika Verma

Survivor | IIM Indore  “Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing” ~ Theodore Roosevelt This statement is something that has helped Shiplika to keep going, no matter what the situation is. She described her biggest fear was her anxiety because of some incidents in her past thatContinue reading “Shilpika Verma”

Fearless Friday

Suhita Dev Super Girl | Creative Strategist and Digital Producer | Electronics and Instrumentation Engineer Does it matter what others think of you? We bring forth the story of a girl who fought her own battles and aced in life. It was unfair that at the age of 6, Suhita’s best friends locked her inContinue reading “Fearless Friday”


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