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Time of the Month. Chums. Shark Week. Crimson Tide. Aunt Flo. Lady Business. Carrie. Red
Wedding. Leak Week. Haven’t we all heard these quirky, yet quite creative phrases, all referring to our PERIODS?

Menstruation, still being a taboo in most societies, is rarely discussed, even though it is a biological process every woman goes through. Yes, almost 50% of the population on our “Mother” Earth goes through this, and yet, it is hushed down, hidden in brown packets, stuffed behind cupboards and stripped off from beddings.
With this lack of awareness on Menstruation, there are a lot of myths and misinformation
surrounding us, and we are here to tell you the ABSOLUTE truth about these Common Period Myths.

MYTH 1: PMS Is Not Real
Premenstrual Syndrome is VERY REAL. Menstruation causes hormonal changes that make you moody or emotional, also causing symptoms like bloating, acne, food cravings, body aches & fatigue. Don’t worry if you spend your days watching cute puppy videos and shedding a few tears. That’s OK!! We have all been there, and girl, we get you.

MYTH 2: Exercise is Bad for you during your Period

On the contrary, exercise helps relieve your menstrual cramps, back pain and headaches, also make you feel fresh and energized. So, do not fear before getting your shoes on and going for that run, or hitting that dance party with your besties. You do you girl.

MYTH 3: Best Friends Sync-Up
As amazing as it would be to spend your down-days gorging on that ice cream tub alongside your best friend, this is a myth, and has never been scientifically proven.
This accidental sync-up generally attributes to similar diets, sleep cycles, shared stressors, and sometimes just Coincidence!

MYTH 4: Sour Food worsens Menstrual Cramps
The basic reason behind menstruation is the fluctuation of the oestrogen and progesterone hormones during a 28-day cycle. Sour foods have no effect on these hormones and thus, this claim is baseless. So, go ahead, binge on those Sour Candies and add those extra Pickles on your sandwich. Eat what you want, if it works for you.

With all these mind-boggling “facts” out there, menstruation can be quite confusing and
overwhelming. If you have concerns about your period, please feel free to talk to your mother, aunt, friend or gynaecologist. Do not worry, we are all on the same boat, and we’re all here for you.


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