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Anxiety By Shelja Agarwal

It’s okay to fall; fall for the sea!!

There is a thought, and I am sure all of you share with me different versions of the same thought. The thought is likely the distinguishing feature of our generation.

We scroll and explore through an infinite torrent of temporary escapades enabling ourselves to overlook the stinging actuality, that we are stripped away of any notional purpose and masticate our lives into oblivion. As children, we were free from such inhibitions and were yet to be enslaved by the conditioning of modern-day society. So, what suddenly made us this version of us, the machinery which wants to catch the corporate ladder and make it to the top with a flash of light speed!
I fail to comprehend how distorted our value system has become that we can at best be called a generation of misplaced priorities. What intrigues me is our ideology, we think after we win the race we can finally shine through the cosmos, but the race is perpetual and so is our initiation to win it. As I grow older, I have realised that we have to address the elephant in the room rather than just running away from it. Life should be enjoyed while living in it. Mental health is of paramount importance. A lot of us
have faced some or the other form of anxiety while growing up or should I say while aging.

These problems are as dire as any other chronic health issue. Anxiety is one of those things that sublets space in your brain, so no matter how hard we try to run away from it, it exists as a permanent houseguest. It can significantly perturb one’s productivity and mood. Notable women like J.K Rowling, Kristen Bell, Princess Diana, Amy Tan, and Aparna Nancherla are among the few women who made their way through anxiety. And we all know how inspiring and motivating their journeys have been!!
Years of education yet nobody taught us how to love ourselves. We have a lot of unlearning to do. We should stream our brains to think about the times when we thought of achieving a lot, without the fear of failing or losing! I hope we learn to convince ourselves that we can be happy, that there exists hope for everyone; then, we would perhaps torment ourselves beyond what any race or material accomplishment could.

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