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PRIDE MONTH – By Shakshi Sodhani

The month of June is observed as Pride Month all over the world, celebrating the
LGBTQ communities’ freedom to be themselves.
Here we will celebrate them too, by showcasing some of the strong transgender people
who faced their challenges bravely and became the firsts in their respective fields

Shabi: India’s first transgender soldier

Shabi joined the Marine Engineering Department of the Eastern Naval Command eight
years ago. She underwent sex reassignment surgery in 2016. Her path was not easy
after that, but she did not give up and fought for her rights.

Shabnam Mausi: India’s first transgender MLA

Shabnam Mausi is the first transgender Indian to be elected to public office. She was an
elected member of the Madya Pradesh State Legislative Assembly.

Jyoti Mondal: India’s first transgender Judge

Jyothi Mondal became a judge at an early age of 29. She was appointed at Lok Adalat in
north Bengal in 2017.

Prithika Yashini: India’s first transgender Police Officer

Pritika Yashini became the first transgender sub-inspector. Her application for sub-
inspector recruitment was rejected because of her sexuality, but she challenged the
decision in High Court and won her case.

Manabi Bandopadhyay: India’s first transgender College Principal

Manabi Bandopadhyay became the first transgender college principal of Krishnagar
Women’s College in 2015. She is also the first transgender person in India who has
completed a Ph.D. We hope to see many more people from these communities in the future challenging the existing system and carving a niche for themselves in their respective fields, and we as a society accept them and provide them with equal opportunities.

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