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During this difficult time of lockdown, it is natural to feel low, experience mood swings,
anxiety, and get annoyed.
But these instant mood lifters will help you break the monotony, relax, and make you
cheerful again instantly!

  • Go back to those compliments, old pictures, love notes, hand-made greeting cards
    that you have received from your loved ones
  • Have your favourite delicious comfort food – ice-creams, chocolates, cakes, pies! All
    that you love!
  • Take a long hot shower
  • Clean your room, change your sheets, spray some room freshener, light a candle
  • Talk to the most hilarious friend of yours. He/she will lift up your mood instantly
  • Do your favourite thing! Play that instrument, dance, write, play your favourite sport &just forget about the world
  • Make a list of your feelings at that time & compare it to who you actually are!
  • Sleep on your mom’s lap or get a champi from her
  • Breathe, relax, meditate for a while. You are not alone. Everything will get better

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