Fearless Friday

Rachael Pereira

Super Girl | Travel, Lifestyle & Food Blogger | Content Creator

At the tender age of 21, Rachael was told the words, which no girl would ever want to hear – “You have Ovarian Cancer”. She was devastated. She felt her whole world crumbling down. She got anxious and broke down, crying herself to sleep that night.
She tried to gather herself together by trying to put on a brave face during the day when friends and family paid her a visit but eventually at night, everything would fall out again and she would cry herself to sleep every night. This went on for quite some time until Rachael decided to accept the reality and promised herself to ‘Be positive at every step of her Journey’. The journey had its own challenges and hardships but Rachael faced it all with a smile. The most agonizing side-effect of Chemo-therapy for any woman is the loss of her tresses and it was no different for Rachael too. But with all the positivity around her and the strong woman that she chose to be, she herself walked up to the Parlor to get them all chopped off. Months of chemo-therapies, gulping dozens of medicines each day and living through thousands of their side effects, was no cake walk but it only taught Rachael so much more about herself. About how strong she was, how it’s okay to be not okay sometimes, to cry and to be anxious, but to never give up hope and take each day as it comes by. Her patience and will power finally bore fruits, when 5 months later, the doctors finally gave her the good news that she was Cancer-free!

What she says:

“Life has taught me a lot through this whole journey, but most importantly it has taught me to count my blessings for each new day that I wake up and I’m grateful for this second
chance at life that God has given me.”

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