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Fearless Friday

Suhani Mishra

SUPER GIRL | Blogger | Poet | Survivor

Suhani Mishra grew up believing, Pain is essential to your story; it adds gravity to your art. She romanticized the idea of suffering and how it would turn her poems into magic. Movies were to be blamed for it, after all, “Toote huye dil se hi sangeet nikalta hai” Right?
When Depression actually struck her, it wasn’t poetic at all. Earlier, she would look around and turn the most random object into a walking metaphor. But now? It would take her an effort to acknowledge even the most significant events in her life. The Pain that was supposed to give wings to her art was, in reality, a heavy rock trying to weigh it down. Nothing happy came to her anymore, and she was certain nobody would want to read poems about her suffering, so she stopped writing altogether, and she masked it with the phrase “Writer’s Block.” ❤️🙏
After months of giving up, she started to grow more anxious; she did not know how to talk about her emotions anymore, as writing used to be her only ally. It is not easy to abandon your pen when the ink is your tears and paper; your only form of closure.
So she finally wrote a poem, describing her exact state of mind, she did not even try to sugarcoat her battle with Depression. She wrote about how vulnerable and hopeless she felt and put it out for the world to read at the cost of feeling exposed. But when she woke up the other day, she was flooded with messages of people fighting the same battle. They told her how relieving it felt to know that they weren’t alone and that they now had words to describe their sufferings. It was the first poem in the series of many to come, talking about overwhelming emotions and raw vulnerabilities.
She says, “I was so invested in the idea of giving people what they would like to read that I forgot how it is a writer’s duty to provide them with what they ‘Need’ to read.”

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