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Fearless Friday

Shruti Senapati

SUPER GIRL | Dancer | Content Creator | Trailblazer

Shruti Senapati, is a small town girl who made it to the big screen; to the likes of Karan Johar and other Bollywood niche crowd. The quarter finalist of India’s Got Talent started her journey in 4th grade when she used to write on the back of her notebooks that she wants to be a choreographer.
Was this journey to shine in the limelight a cakewalk? Ranchi didn’t offer Shruti as much backup required to become a professional dancer and yet, she was not the one to quit. Shruti toiled for hours on her to perfect her skill as a gymnast first. She attended every dance class possible.

She remembers while going to Haryana to join her group for India’s Got Talent, her relatives questioned her motives. They were stunned to see that Shruti was not performing a folk dance but a rather sensual ‘Kamagraphy’ on television. She was scared whether her parents would like her performance but they could only be proud of their daughter.

Even though her mother still worries from time to time whether Shruti’s livelihood in the future will be sustained by dance alone; this little star from Ranchi has proved time and again that she’s here to mark her presence as a versatile dancer. Even in this lockdown this dancer turned choreographer is talking online classes. She aspires to open her dance studio one day, so that little dreamers like her wouldn’t have to think twice about their economic stance before dancing. ❤️🙏
What she says:
“There is no point cribbing about your disadvantages in order to achieve anything in life.
If I belonging to a modest family can turn her dreams into reality, I believe anyone can do the same.
There’s no other thing than dance that gives me joy. Find your joy and never let go of it.”

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