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Fearless Friday

Shipra Goel

SUPER GIRL | Yoga and Ayurveda Practitioner | Teacher | Healer

Throughout her life, the only two things she had ever heard were, you’re really fat, lose some weight, and you have beautiful hair, never cut them, ever.

After a long battle with her insecurities about her weight, Shipra decided to take up Yoga, and according to her, it was love at first instance. She began learning Yoga for herself and pursued it to become a full-time yoga teacher. She didn’t realize it back then that she was breaking many stereotypes by having a body- type like hers by working in the fitness industry.

After Yoga, meditation, and a lot of introspection, she slowly started seeing her for who she really was. And in this journey, she decided to give up on the things that she loved the most. The reason for this was, she wanted to accept herself in her most raw, real, and natural form, and she wanted to know whether the people in her closest circle would accept her for who she was or if those relationships superficial.

That’s when she decided to go bald.

According to her long curly hair was the best accessory she could ever wear, the very first thing anybody would notice about her, and she obviously grew really fond of them and never ever imagined herself without them. But when she decided to go through this process, it made her feel more empowered.

It has been quite a journey with a lot of self-exploration and self-love for her after that day. In the process, she felt like she rose above superficial feelings of knowing who thinks what about her; she realized people only accept what we are ready to accept in us.

She also donated all her hair to an NGO working for making natural wigs for cancer and alopecia patients, and she has decided to donate her hair every time they grow to the required length. Now that she has overcome her fears, she has decided to do her bit to make somebody a little happy.
She says, “I did something I was truly scared of. I gave up the one thing that I loved the most about myself. I overcame that fear of seeing my body with a bald head. It felt like a rebirth!”

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