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Manika Karnawat

Entrepreneur| Marketer| Social Media Advisor

Manika was a topper throughout her schooling, and had planned her life as such. After completing her BBA, she was all set to get into one of the best schools for MBA. After preparing for her CAT entrance for 2 years, she was shocked to know that she didn’t get the desired result. 

Completely clueless, as Manika was left with no alternate career options, back in 2016, she wasn’t sure about her next step in life. Manika at the time had started a venture back in college named ‘Jaipurbuzz’, which educated the people about the latest happenings in the city. During the time Manika was facing her failure, this page was her ray of hope. 

After completing her graduation, something magical happened; her page started to gain popularity. Since she didn’t have much going on for her at the time, Manika decided to devote her time for Jaipurbuzz and immersed herself into the content creation space. At the time when Instagram was relatively a new space, Manika completed her course in digital marketing and started a new venture named ‘linkmediaandevents.’

Now, she’s one of the leading content creators running a social media ad and marketing agency in her city. 

What she says:

“It has been 4 years since I started my journey with Jaipur Buzz, and I can proudly call myself an entrepreneur, marketer & a social media consultant. 

I am content with where I am. My mother has supported me like no other in this endeavour.” 

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