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Anjali Gaur

                                                  Student| Fighter| Survivor 

Anjali Gaur, like most women, is a survivor of patriarchy. From a tender age, she was getting acquainted with the ways of male supremacy. She was body shamed from a young age, wherein she was compared to her cousins at home and made a chaser at school because she couldn’t run as fast as her peers. She was never the one to receive lead roles in plays, or play with the toys she liked because it was considered to be masculine. 

Anjali grew up in a world where she was taught how to be docline, soft and tender. She was trained to be feminine enough for societal standards. She recalls having to attend dance and music classes in order to have a petite body structure and a soft voice. While she was in 9th grade, she was told that she’d be a teacher because it would be easier for her husband to manage staying with her. 

She remembers how every mockery started from her marriage’s dowry and ended with her career choices. Such an environment made Anjali believe that she’s a burden for her parents. How every mockery used to start from my marriage’s dowry. During 10th grade, Anjali started to undergo bouts of depression. She was unable to pursue her passion for journalism. 

She slipped into a dark tunnel during her college times. Unable to eat, with only 1-2 hours of sleep, Anjali had no clue what was wrong with her life. All these years of pent up anger made her aggressive and irritable. While her parents thought she was undergoing lifestyle changes, Anjali turned to writing for help. 

It was a moment of epiphany when Anjali realised that she is the only one suffering in this equation of life, and decided to take autonomy over her own life. She wouldn’t have questioned these norms if it weren’t for what she faced all these years. She deems this to be a necessary phase of her life. 

                                                            What she says: 

“As my Instagram bio says my favourite season will be the fall of patriarchy.

 I am not against a community but of institutions that they themselves are a victim of.

 We as society and humans need peaceful coexistence, self-love and more peace.”

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