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Importance of Healthy Diet – By Shelja Agarwal

It’s not a short-term diet, it’s a long-term lifestyle change

Food is an integral part of our lives. But with time the basic usage of food has been
dilapidated. People today have done away with the basic reason to consume food; which is to seek energy. The key to optimum health and energy is based on four pillars- exercise, attitude, rest, and proper nutrition and to ensure the effective incorporation of these, we have to make informed choices.
Many people nowadays ignore their health which leads to various health issues so being fit is always on my priority list. Being fit has nothing to do with losing or gaining weight. It’s the small everyday choices that make a difference. Everyone knows that fruit is better as a snack than a samosa or 4 biscuits with tea but we need to apply this knowledge.
In my opinion, the healthiest foods are those which are closest to nature. The lesser processing is done to natural food, the healthier it is. The unhealthiest foods are the ones which are farthest from nature – and this includes many products designed by manipulating genetics, hence most nutritionists suggest us to consume food which is off the rack. Most, perhaps all genetic manipulation of products is aimed to boost production, often resulting in negative effects on the nutritional value of the product. Longer the shelf life of an edible product is, the lesser is its nutritional value.

Foods with shorter shelf lives are healthier. But what consists of a healthy diet? A diet made of the foods with highest nutritional values, a diet that is, unfortunately, very difficult to eat in today’s product-driven marketplace. Healthiness doesn’t sell products, perhaps because everybody knows that we don’t actually measure healthiness.

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