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Fearless Friday

Suhita Dev

Super Girl | Creative Strategist and Digital Producer | Electronics and Instrumentation Engineer

Does it matter what others think of you?

We bring forth the story of a girl who fought her own battles and aced in life.

It was unfair that at the age of 6, Suhita’s best friends locked her in the school washroom for their enjoyment, only for her to be found after an hour; screaming for help.
When she was 12, she was molested by a paedophile. Courageous as she was, even when she tried stopping him, his response was, “You should enjoy as someone is taking interest in garbage like you.” At 14, she remembers being humiliated by a teacher in front of the entire class because of her speech defect, crooked teeth and appearance.
At 21 years of age, speaking of labels even though a virgin, she was name tagged as a slut in college. These series of events took a toll on Suhita’s intrapersonal relationships. During all these dark years, Suhita’s parents were her spine. Her parents were merely in the passenger seat of her life and let her drive and stumble of revelations on her own.

In response to all these naysayers in 2020, Suhita in leading her life as a creative strategist in a renowned media-house, has been on TV and till date hasn’t given up; actively is working on her intimacy issues.


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