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Fearless Friday

Ketkee Lohakare

Super Girl | Fighter | Author

How do we succeed in life despite hardships and instabilities?

Ketki has an answer. Find something you are passionate about and don’t give up until you achieve it.

Here is Ketki’s Story in her own words…
I was molested when I was 9.
Attempted suicide when I was 13.
And again at 19.
And again at 21.
They say good writers entice you with words, with their stories.

My story?
My story is a cheesy, Bollywood movie, woven with Gulzar’s poetry.
My story is tragic and hence, beautiful.

Born into privilege, I had little-to-no complaints, while growing up. Average student, affluent in languages, with a ‘pretty face’, there was very little that could stop me.
Until college.
As soon as I came in, I was diagnosed with PTSD. I became moody and short-tempered. I tried hard to make friends, maybe a little too hard. It wasn’t a success.
But I did find food.

I was diagnosed with BED, which made me gain 25+ kgs, in a mere few months.

But at least, I was in NIT. Right?
My physical and mental health took a toll on me, and I skipped classes.
I remember once, my professor told me, “Ketki toh garden mein ghumne ati hai,”
( Ketki just comes to class, as if this is a garden).

It was then, I realized, what power words hold. I didn’t attend a single class after that.
To let go, I started writing. Some scribbles, some rants.
Like any other writer, the pain was also my breakthrough.

I posted some stupid story, about some stupid boy. And one of my friends said you write well.
Start a page or a blog.

My baby, The Blank Page was hence born.
I also started earning micro-mini money from my writing.

I was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety.
I got a job, at a media house as a content writer.
I had a nervous breakdown.
I dropped out of college.
For 4 months, my dad and I shared a dining table, but not one word.
I started applying to different media houses, agencies.
I get a call from the top agency in India for an interview.
I went to Mumbai to give the interview.
I got rejected.

They called me back after a month for an internship and now I am working with them.

You see, all this pain, all the trouble, all the binge eating, all the strolling in the garden, all the hard work and micro-mini payments have got me where I am today.

What she says:
However hard the times, pause.
Don’t stop.

Because one day you will be able to ask,
How do you like my story now?

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