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Looking forward to that Ladies Night at the club? Or your favourite movie for a late
show? But have you ever felt a slight hint of fear with various questions in your head, “How will I get home?”, “What if I don’t get a cab?”, ”What if my phone dies” and so on. But the fear doesn’t end there. Let’s also look at all the domestic violence, the “casual” sexual comments at your workplace, the eve-teasing at school, the child-abusing neighbour, the fleeting act of groping on the streets, this goes on as well.

With the crime rates rising, every Indian woman must know how to protect herself and her
rights, and how to do so without fearing the legalities of the situation. Here are a few Legal Rights every woman must know.

Right to Free Legal Aid
A woman is legally entitled to get free legal aid or a lawyer. Whenever a woman needs to lodge a FIR, she should call her lawyer, or can demand legal aid for free if she is unable to afford it.

Registering a FIR is mandatory for the police
No Police Officer can refuse to register a FIR. You can file a FIR at your nearest police station. The Criminal Law (Amendment) Act 2013 has provisions for punishment of public servants who refuse to register complaints of sexual assault victims.

Right to Virtual Complaints
A woman has the privilege of lodging a complaint via email or registered post. The police conduct a proper verification of the complainant and lodge a FIR, and can then come over to the residence of the victim to take her statement.

No Arrests after Sunset A woman cannot be arrested after sunset and before sunrise, even if there is a woman constable present. In case of a serious crime committed by the woman, the officers need to present written evidence on why the arrest is important after sunset.

Right to Not Being Called to the Police Station
This law provides Indian women the right of not being physically present at the police station for interrogation. The police can interrogate a woman at her residence in the presence of a woman constable and family members or friends.

No Time Limit for Lodging FIR
A woman has the right to register a FIR for any rape/molestation incident, even if a considerable period of time has elapsed since then. If the police tell you that they can’t lodge your FIR since you didn’t report it earlier, do not concede. Fight for your Right.
So, if you ever encounter any situation where you need to exercise these rights, do not worry. You
are well-informed, so don’t be scared to speak up. You are not alone, and your voice will be HEARD.
You’ve got this girl.

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