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Fearless Friday

Shikha Jain

Super Girl | Deloitte, NY | Master’s in Information Sciences, NY

Shikha, like many others, grew up watching movies showcasing foreign universities and
constantly dreamt of studying in one of them. But, her family seemed to be reluctant to this dream of hers. It took her one year of intense convincing, when finally, in 2016, her dream came true and she saw herself standing at the gates of Rochester Institute of Technology in upstate New York to pursue her Masters in Information Sciences and Technologies. Just when she thought all her dreams were unfurling one by one, life had some other plan for her.
It was 26th November, 2016, the first day of Thanksgiving Holiday when she heard the new about her mother passing away. In that moment, her life fell apart and she broke down
completely. She left everything immediately and came back to India. She was inconsolable! It hadn’t even been a few hours at home for Shikha when her father and brother booked her flight back to the US and asked her to go live her dream and make her Mom proud.
1st December, 2016, she was at the Microsoft office in Seattle interviewing for a summer
internship. She still sometimes wonders how she got through that day. She did not land that internship but she definitely learnt a major life lesson that no matter how hard life gets or how much pain one feels, with time everything subsides. We become stronger and life goes on. We just need to have faith and never give up.
Today, Shikha has a great job in the US, she is living her dream lifestyle, her family back home is doing well and she is extremely grateful for everything and everyone she has today. Just because, she refused to give up her dreams and face every life adversity with courage and heart.

What she says:

“The only piece of advice I would give is, don’t let anything or anyone break you, give it
time and you will see yourself emerging out of it stronger than ever.”

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