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Virtual Interview Tips

Acing interviews the virtual way

All of us, who have attended calls on various platforms, know how amazingly
awkward they can be sometimes. From not hearing properly, to hearing a bit too much from the other side, they can be difficult. So, let’s just look at what all we can do to ace virtual interviews.

  1. Dress up well: Dress up just like you would for a normal interview, you don’t want to be
    stuck in a position where you have to get up for a pen or notebook and the HR sees you
    wearing shorts under formal shirts. So, stick to a COMPLETE set of formals!
  2. Join 15 minutes early: Just like we take a buffer traveling time for offline interviews, we
    need some buffer for an online interview. Check your laptop’s battery, log in early on the platform, check sound and video settings.
  3. Find a place with good internet connectivity: ” Sorry, I can’t hear you” might be an easy
    way of getting out of a difficult question, but a bad internet connection can be a real
    spoilsport. There are various apps available to check the internet speed, use them to find the spot with the best internet connectivity.
  4. Find the right spot: Sit in a well-lit room, so that the interviewer can clearly see your
    expressions. Make sure there are minimal background noises and maybe inform your
    mother beforehand so that you don’t have to tell your meal preferences during the
  5. Body language: Well, you will not be able to make a first impression with your well-
    practiced firm handshake but there are many other ways to make a mark. Sit straight,
    maintain eye contact, keep smiling, and set the screen to your eye level.
    All the best for any upcoming interviews, let us know if you found these tips helpful.

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