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Fearless Friday

Nyeree Viegas

Super Girl | Start-Up Founder | Blogger | Content Creator | Social Media Freelancer

Nyeree being the adventurous little girl she has always been, dreamt of starting her own company from scratch and do something that she loved, professionally. So, 3 years into her career in Social Media Marketing, she quit her 9-5 job and decided to start her own Travel Company that focused on backpacking trips for the budget traveler.
It was her passion to travel the world and starting ‘Grab The Globe’ would mean sharing this passion of hers with other travelers who aspire to do the same. Things were initially tough, as it is with all start-ups, the investments were low and processes were new.
However, she got through it day by day. Being a one woman show, she would handle operations, marketing, finances and pretty much anything and everything that the company demanded. But she LOVED the hustle. She worked night and day as there was nothing else she would be rather doing. Cut to 2020, with Covid-19 spreading to Europe in February, they had to cancel all their trips and suspend operations completely. It’s definitely one of the toughest things she has had to do. Losing all of her savings, dealing with difficult clients, dealing with vendors that haven’t yet issued refunds, being in a complete loss and having to probably shut down something that she has grown from scratch, wasn’t something Nyeree had anticipated in the wildest of her dreams! Unfortunately, times are tough for everyone and there’s no denying that things will get tougher in the months to come. But the courage that Nyeree is displaying is beyond our imagination. We salute such
fearless Super Girls and wish her best for all her endeavours. YOU GO GIRL!

What she says:

But I see myself slowly getting back on my feet; I’m putting my energies back into Social
Media Marketing for now. But I’m sure there will come a time when my dream will take off be it months from now or even years. I’m sure I’ll make it happen someday.

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