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Fearless Friday

Himanshi Wadhwani

Super Girl | Google | SPJIMR’19 | L’oreal

Here is the other side of this happy-go-lucky girl, Himanshi that not many know about. Himanshi got her retina detached in one of her eyes during her 3 rd year of Engineering. (For those of us, who might not know, retina is the most important part of our eye and one can lose their vision if the retina gets detached.) The day she got to know about it, a shiver ran down her spine thinking all is lost. She went numb fearing her life is just going to be void.
The night before her surgery, she lay there saying that her eyes are perfectly fine and everything would go back to normal. She is a person who strongly believes in the power of attraction and that’s what saved her eyes from that shocking incident of her life. Himanshi got her treatment done well in time and the doctors successfully attached her retina back. But she had to regularly visit AIIMS, Delhi for her regular check-up and her heart bled witnessing so many children facing worse traumas and fatalities. This was a life-changing incident for Himanshi and taught her some very important lessons:

  1. Health is the most important thing in your life. NEVER COMPROMISE ON IT!
  2. Always be grateful for what you have. You might suddenly lose what you take for granted and never get it back.

What she says:

“It’s a true reality of saying ‘ kisi cheez ko pure Dil se chaho toh Puri kayant tumhe usse
Milani ki koshish mein lag jati hai – except it’s my own self and not a love of my life. Not
many people know this story because I have chosen to always show the stronger side of
me and never the weaker one, but yes I am vulnerable when it comes to any of my body
parts because I was on the verge of losing one!”

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