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Fearless Friday

Diksha Singhi

Super Girl | Blogger | Communication Strategist | Swimmer

Diksha is a communication strategist and does blogging out of her sheer passion to create
content. She writes on Body Positivity and Plus-size Fashion. For her, content was an art right from childhood and has written about various topics but always felt there was something missing. 

Then one day, Diksha wrote about something that she felt emotionally connected with and since then there has been no look backing for her. Being body shamed is what she has faced all her life and that is what triggered Diksha to write on Body Positivity! 
All her life, her weight has been a retort for every achievement of hers, undermining her efforts and confidence. “Driving seekhna hai, pehle weight toh kam karlo!” “Never wear a V-cut swimming costume, because you would look hideous in it”. A swimmer since child, Diksha’s thoughts everytime before taking the plunge would not be how to win the race, but what are other people are thinking about her look! 

And all these culminated together in a Thailand trip where Diksha wore a V-cut swimming
costume and realised that no one judged her at all. On returning, she wrote her first poem on “Body Positivity” titled “The Overweight Child” and the response she received was phenomenal.

It went viral and was asked to write more on it. People shared their stories, how it inspired them, critics posted hate comments but that is what she was here to change. She realised that after this initiative of hers, “weight” was never a conversation starter for her parents and she could feel the change in the mindset of people around her! 
What Diksha tries to propagate is that “Health is not a size!” You could be thin or fat, but if you aren’t healthy, your size isn’t correct. Diksha is a person who has been regularly working out for the past 2-3 years to not become thin and be accepted by society, but to be fit and healthy. She loves her body even though it may not be the “ideal size” and that is what matters. 

What she says:

“Feel confident in your skin. If you have flaws, embrace it and work towards changing
them. Nobody is perfect and everyone is on a journey. If you do not believe in yourself, no
one will!”

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