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Fearless Friday

Vasvika Jain, 24
Nivea | SPJIMR’20 | DU’16

Vasvika got vitiligo when she was 4 years old & since then she has been considered different. Her parents, in societal pressure, were always fixing something in her which she never believed was broken. She was told to sit in scorching sunlight for hours after applying tons of medicines. She was called “black & white” by bullies in school but her friends always supported her. She also underwent vitiligo cosmetic surgery 3 times but there were no promising results.
Yes! She was affected by all these experiences, but she never let herself down. She started to focus on more important things in her life. She got herself a B. Com (Hons) degree from Delhi University, secured a job in one of the prestigious banks in India. And finally, decided to stop all the medication as she accepted the way she was. 
The side effects of the medicine made her overweight which she overcame by investing in a healthy lifestyle and lost 15kgs in the journey!
She then decided to give CAT and got herself into SPJIMR where she had the best 2 years of her life, full of new experiences, learnings, and friends. Further, SPJIMR gave her the opportunity to get a place to work in NIVEA, which interestingly is all about Skin Care.

What she says:

“I still face a lot of challenges, but all I care about now is how I can spread awareness about vitiligo so that no one else has to suffer the way I did.
VITILIGO is just a change in skin color & nothing more. It is not contagious. I request
everyone to be more considerate and make the world a more inclusive place.
 To the people who have vitiligo – ‘The only thing you can control is your actions, not how
others treat you. It’s up to you to set your boundaries or to become limitless’!!”

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