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Fearless Friday

Shruthi Sharma
Super Girl | NN | SDA Bocconi Asia

It was not long ago when Shruthi honed a dream of writing poetry. That world had always
fascinated her. While pursuing biomedical engineering then an MBA, things got really busy
and there wasn’t any time to follow her passion. Despite various challenges, during MBA,
she got into her dream job with 3 international stints. This job became her dream and she
had wholly dedicated her life to this as she was a healthcare enthusiast. Until the
lockdown came, it struck her that she had kept her hopes dying for quite some time now.
Publishing a poetry book came closer when she saw an Instagram post regarding a
NaPoMo deal during summer. After being selected for it, she picked up her notebook and
pen and started penning down her thoughts.
In 2 weeks time, she had a full poetry book ready. It took a month to publish this book and
her happiness knew no bounds when she looked at the final result. The e-book is called
Today is a little too precious and is available on Amazon.

What she says:

“It has stirred hopes and inspiration to many already. What I learnt from this is, it’s
never too late to follow your passion for today is a little too precious.”

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