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Fearless Friday

Ritu Khattar, 24
Super Girl | SPJIMR’20 | SRCC’16

Ritu was diagnosed with Tuberculosis while she was working in Bangalore away from her family in Delhi. It wasn’t until the ailment had reached its ultimate final stage when she couldn’t even walk 200 metres that she decided to give up her job and move back home for faster recovery. Having been restricted to the four walls of her room, swallowing tons of medicine throughout the day, witnessing the side effects of it, Ritu’s self-esteem surely took a hit. However, poor skin, increased weight, constant bullying and comments could not deter the courage of our fearless
women! She made a new self-care routine for herself, rejoined her job, took CAT and got admission into SPJIMR! A phenomenal woman, we must say!
Despite being on medication during her first year at a B-school, she never evaded her
professional responsibilities. She was recognised as one of the Dean’s Top Twenty students at SPJIMR and even interned with one of the top consulting firms in the world – Boston Consulting Group! Due to her exceptional performance there, she would be very soon joining them as a full time employee!
We wish her all the best for all her future endeavours and continue inspiring everyone around her with her undaunting and flawless spirit!!

What she says –

“There were multiple instances when people commented negatively on my increased
weight and poor skin. While these affected me initially, but over time I have learnt to
appreciate myself for my achievements rather than mulling over negative comments. The
2020 version of me is definitely better than the 2016 version.”

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